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The Beer Authority App v2 Upgrade Available Now!


The Beer Authority listened to the thirsty masses and made the following updates to the app (version 2.0) as follows:

• General fixes from the first version – much improved interface!
• Swipe-up descriptions for each pictured beer style
• Incorporated search functionality
• Added over 50 beer styles
• Hop Guide – understand all the varieties
• Ales vs. Lagers – learn the difference between the two

The above enhancements have been made in addition to the below existing features:

✓ Beer style descriptions and recommendations
✓ Beer and food pairing recommendations
✓ Beer evaluation and review tips
✓ Brewing 101 – Learn how beer is made
✓ Glassware descriptions and recommendations
✓ Cellaring tips

Give it a try and thank you for your continued support! I appreciate all of your kudos, and most importantly, feedback as I want this app to be your go to “e-Beer Guide“.

Link to Apple Store:…/app/the-beer-autho…/id1088064838…

P.S. – Android/GooglePlay version currently in the works AND a signed vlog (w/subtitles) explaining how make the most out of The Beer Authority app!



One comment on “The Beer Authority App v2 Upgrade Available Now!

  1. Paula
    January 1, 2017

    Ryan: please let me know when you have the Android version ready. Would love to testdrive your app. I met you once over beer at Fireworks in Clarendon. I just came across your business card in a pile of business cards and was happy to see your website still going. 🙂


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