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Do you know the difference between an IPA and Pilsner? Or a porter and stout? Heck, do you even know what these are!? With the explosion of the craft beer industry, and the staggering number of styles to choose from, it can make your head spin! Fret not, The Beer Authority app – “the authority for all things beer” – is available for download. This app provides all you need in a pinch:

* Basic beer style descriptions through pictures
* Beer and food pairing recommendations
* Beer evaluation and review tips
* Brewing 101 – Learn how beer is made
* Glassware descriptions and recommendations
* Cellaring advice
* Swipe-up descriptions for each pictured beer style
* Hop Guide – understand all the varieties
* Ales vs. Lagers – learn the difference between the two
* Powerful RateBeer™ search, comprehensive beer styles database, and top beer recommendations

The Beer Authority app, incredibly easy to navigate, was carefully designed for all users in mind – from beginners to beer enthusiasts – the first of its kind. Next time you’re overwhelmed with beer options, hit up this app and get all the recommendations and information you need instantly for less than the cost of a pint!

Click here to download The Beer Authority App from the Apple Store!

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